Welcome to the Outdoors

We are women from all walks of life who share a love for the outdoors

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable learning new skills associated with hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

Originally part of the Becoming an Outdoors Women (B.O.W.) group in the Texas Parks and Wildlife program, T.O.W.N. groups were formed by members living in urban and city areas yet still wanting to practice the outdoor skills they’d learned and to share their enthusiasm. Several T.O.W.N. groups were formed in cities for women to meet who share their interests in outdoor recreation. Get together with other Outdoors Women, stay active and continue to learn. These groups have a diverse membership of skills and experience.

Local T.O.W.N. groups hold monthly meetings and coordinate field trips in a variety of outdoor activities for its members.

You need not have attended at BOW workshop or necessarily have any outdoor experience to join the fun.